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ODF Rotary Screw Air Compressor

ODF rotary screw air compressor's screw rotor (all-end) is imported from German, which is the third generation rotor, featuring asymmetric shape with a gear ratio of 5:6 and a reasonable ratio between length and diameter. Meanwhile, our rotor owns a tangential speed of 30-36m/s, far less than that of traditional air compressor – about 60m/s. Besides, rotors always enjoy a clearance of 0.003inch, so no abrasion will occur. Besides, a small difference between different teeth helps to reduce the return loss. Not only that, since it increases 10% ~12% of efficiency than air compressor with a gear ratio of 4:6, 20% of electricity could be saved. Besides that, SKF bearing from Sweden is also introduced to prolong our all-end's service life.

Technical parameters
1. Switching value: 3 channel input and 5 channel output;

2. Simulation: 1 channel temperature input with Pt100 platinum resistance temperature device (RTD), 1 channel signal input with 4~20mA sensor transmitter, two sets of three-phase current input ( Supportive to CT (current transformer)).

3. Power supply of controller: AC20V 40AV;

4. Available ranges:

a. Oil temperature: -20~150℃;

b. Temperature: -20~150℃;

c. Working hour: 0~999999 hours;

d. Current: 0~999.9A;

e. Pressure: 0~999999

5. Phase sequence: When the protector analyzes the error in terms of phase order, a protection for motor will be activated;

6. Protection for motor: Controller allows a protection for main motor and fan motor when followings occur: blocking, short circuit, default phase, unbalance, overload and etc.

7. High temperature protection: When actual temperature is higher than set temperature, the protection will be activated.

Jufeng is an industrial air compressor manufacturer and mainly offers rotary screw air compressors. Besides the ODF rotary screw air compressor, we also provide JF and ADF air compressors. We offer wide range of compressors like belt drive air compressor, direct drive rotary screw compressor, variable speed drive rotary air compressor for customers.

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